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I will sell system php code for $5


I'm professional develop on php Codeigniter and some other programming languages. I willing to do freelance job in php and mysql database. Most my client is student. I do programming for final year project. Most project came from student requirement. Please visit my page for detail.

  1. Booking System
  2. Order System
  3. Complaint System
  4. File System
  5. Asset Management System
  6. Library System
  7. Clinic Managemt System
  8. Attendance System
  9. Hotel Management System

Beli sistem php mysql yang sudah siap dibangunkan, hanya perlu bayar RM200~RM250 sahaja (Source code + Database)

1.Sistem eMaintenance
2. Sistem Kedai Online-Jual Baju/Pizza
3. Sistem Permohonan Tempahan Peralatan ICT dan Bilik
4. Sistem Paparan Kehadiran Pensyarah
5. Sistem e-Museum
6.Sistem Permohonan Cuti-e-Cuti
7. Sistem Permohonan Lesen Penjaja
8. Sistem Pinjaman Buku (e-Library)
9. Sistem Kehadiran Kelas Pelajar (e-Kedatangan)
10. Sistem Klinik (eKlinik)
11. Sistem Inventori (Jual dan Bekal) (e-Inventori)
12. Sistem Kutipan Yuran Ahli Kelab (e-Yuran)
13. Sistem Claim Kos Perubatan Kakitangan (eMedicalcit)
14. Sistem Maklumat Ukuran Jahitan (eJahit)
15. Sistem Rekod Keluar Masuk Surat (eSurat)
16. Sistem Login Kehadiran Kakitangan (e-Login)
17. Sistem/Portal Perkongsian Maklumat (e-Learn)
18. Sistem Iklan Tanah & Rumah (e-Iklan)
19. Sistem Pengurusan Pusat Tuisyen (e-Tuisyen)
20. Sistem Tempahan Asrama (e-Asrama)
21. Sistem Carian Fail (e-fail)
22. Sistem Kehadiran Kakitangan PDRM (epdrm)
23. Sistem Permohonan Lawatan (eUKK)
24. Sistem Permohonan Tajuk Projek FYP (eFYP)
25. Sistem Pengurusan Barangan Pos (eParcel)
26. Sistem Booking Hotel (eHotel)
27. Sistem E-Warden (eWarden)
28. Sistem Pengurusan Aduan- (eComplaint)
29. Sistem Tempahan Bilik Mesyuarat -(e-Bilik)
30. Sistem Keluar Masuk Kolej (eouting)
31. Badminton Court Booking System (eSport)
32. Car Rental System v2.0 Pro (Crental)
33. Shopping Cart Kedai Emas
34. Sistem Kedatangan Pelajar Kolej (eHadir)
35. Sistem Permohonan Kerja (eJobs)
36. Sistem Fail Dokumen & Perisian (efail)
37. Sistem E-Aduan MPP UPSI (eaduan)
38. Sistem Rekod Surat Sekolah ( Smartletter)
39. Resident Safety Management System (eresident)
40. Sistem Pengesahan Kehadiran Konvo (eKonvo)
41. Sistem Permohonan Peralatan Sukan (eSukan)
42. Sistem Pilihanraya Majlis Perwakilan Pelajar (eVoting)
43. Sistem Saman Trafik (KTIS)
44. Sistem Permohonan Latihan (eKursus)
45. Vehicle Sticker Registration System (iVSR)
46. Sistem Penghantaran Barang (eDelivery)
47. Textbook Loan System (TBLS)
48. Futsal Sports Centre System (Futsal)
49. Sistem Pencarian Homestay (Sistem Homestay)


How many day did you take for completed one system ?

For Final Year Project - 1 Week Maximum

delivered within 1 day
3 revisions
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2 hours Avg. Response Time
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